Hello from the other side!



My first blog post! How exciting!

I’ve wanted to create a blog so long now and finally decided to take the plunge!

I see many blogs out there about food and family, but I’ve searched long and hard for something about newlyweds with the couple both participating! I wanted to be able to incorporate both of into this blog to not only be a fun bonding thing for us to do together, but also give insight into the day to day life of a recently married couple trying to figure out life together.

A little bit about us!

We’ve been together 6 1/2 years. We recently got married in July of 2015 on our 6 year anniversary. That way he can’t forget the date. 😉 Emma works in Finance currently and Aaron is an Auto Technician as a car dealership. We just bought our first home this past November and what a whirl wind that has been!

I’ve fallen in love with cooking, baking all kinds of sweets and crafting! I’m still a beginner, so I’m learning through trial and error! It’s become fun for me to do and I love trying all kinds of different things! Aaron loves breaking things, just to fix them. Especially things like cars! We’ve started having an interest in woodworking and plan to build our own king size bed and farmhouse table! Hopefully if we’re not too terrible, we can venture out into different projects!

We appreciate each of you taking the time to read a bit about us and hope you’ll join us in this journey!


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